How Much is a Meal in Japan?

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Depending on your preferences, the cost of a meal can range from Y1200 to Y1500. However, you may want to pay close attention to the price before you go. A typical meal will include a main course, side dishes, rice, and miso soup.

The currency of Japan is Japanese Yen (JPY). 1¥ (yen) is divided into 100 sen. There are 6 different coins: ¥1, ¥5, ¥10, ¥50, ¥100, ¥500. There are 4 different bank notes with the following values: ¥1000, ¥2000, ¥5000, ¥10000. To avoid unexpected risks of receiving fake money, we reccommend checking the currency when trading. Be especially careful with those banknotes: ¥10000, ¥5000. The current exchange rate of Japanese Yen (JPY) is: $1 USD = 137 JPY. (Data updated: today)

Is it cheap to eat in Japan?
How much is a meal in Japan in USD?


In Japan, a meal is generally priced between Y1200 and Y1500. The price range includes most a la carte dishes. Depending on the type of meal, additional ingredients, such as rice or bread, can increase the cost. Many people also choose to add unlimited tea, coffee, or soft drinks to their meal. A meal for Y1200-1500 can provide a satisfying sampling of the rich food culture of Japan.


In Japan, most a la carte dishes cost between Y600 and Y800. Adding rice, bread, or soup can add an additional 600 yen or more to the total cost. Many diners also add unlimited coffee, tea, or soft drinks to their bill. Spending Y600 on a meal can help you enjoy the cuisine and rich culture of the country. Despite the high cost of eating in Japan, 3,000 yen a day is still enough to enjoy the volume of food and drink available.


In Japan, the average meal costs about Y450, although you can find more expensive places for a similar price. Sushi, for example, can cost as much as Y1,000 a plate at more upscale restaurants. That’s still a decent price for a meal in Japan – it’s equivalent to about $10USD.


It’s possible to find good eats for under Y550 in Japan. Many places offer a variety of affordable options, and you can get a great deal by ordering ahead of time and bringing your own food. In addition to the affordable price, Japanese cuisine is also very delicious. You can try it at many chain restaurants, including Sukiya, Yoshinoya, and Matsuya.


A meal in Japan should be Y425 or less, depending on the dish, and you should expect to spend about US$5 or less per dish. This will cover rice, bread, soup, and drinks. Some restaurants offer drink bars where diners can have unlimited soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Despite the high cost, a thousand yen meal will allow you to sample Japanese food’s diverse range of tastes and volume.


A Japanese meal should cost about US$5 or less for a single person. Breakfast at hotels can cost anywhere from US$10 to US$30. You should also be able to find inexpensive cafes for lunch and dinner. Some coffee shops open at odd hours, and most restaurants don’t open until 8 am. Ideally, 2000 yen is enough for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

How Much is a Meal in Japan
How Much is a Meal in Japan


The price of a meal in Japan in Donburi varies greatly. The ingredients vary, as do the proportions. Typical ingredients are dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. Some are richer than others, depending on what you choose. The traditional combination of dark soy sauce with mirin and water is a typical choice. You can also find donburi that are prepared with just about any ingredients.


The cost of a meal in Japan is typically between US$ 10 and US$15. This amount can vary, depending on the type of food and the quality of the restaurant. In Japan, you’ll find countless cafes and restaurants offering a variety of Japanese cuisine. The country is also famous for its green tea, which is widely available at cafes and restaurants throughout the country.

When it comes to prices, unless you’re dealing with an isolated area, there usually aren’t big differences between countries (we travel a lot and we’ve researched this). There is one big difference though: the currency. Today we’re going to help you get an idea of how much a meal will cost in Japan. With an average exchange rate of 1$, you can get 7 JPY.

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