How Hot Should You Drink It?

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Drinking hot water has many health benefits. The onset of heat activates the body’s thermoregulatory system, raising internal body temperature. Hot water also activates the endocrine system, triggering sweating and eliminating toxins from the body. As a result, drinking hot water may relieve some types of discomfort. It has many other health benefits, as well.

Continue reading to discover these benefits and more! But how hot should you drink it?

Drinking hot beverages can be a delicious and rewarding experience. Remembering what temperature you like them at can be tricky for many people, until someone scalds their mouth or gets a cup of coffee on their lap and then it’s etched into their memory. The research says this won’t happen as often if you drink your favorite hot beverage between 130-160°F (54-71°C). This write-up is here to help you remember which temperature setting will give you maximum enjoyment!

How Hot Should You Drink It
How Hot Should You Drink It

Health benefits of drinking hot water

While there are many health benefits of drinking hot water, some of the most beneficial are anecdotal, and only tangentially related to emerging scientific research. For example, some people have reported better digestion when they drink hot water before bed, especially in the morning. Other benefits of drinking hot water include improved blood circulation, weight loss, and the protection of the kidneys. Additionally, drinking hot water is also beneficial for people with heartburn because it helps defecate more easily.

Health risks

While drinking hot water may be a fun habit, it comes with a few health risks. Most people are prone to internal scalding if they drink too hot water. Water can burn your lips, tongue, and inner mouth lining. You should always check the temperature of the water before drinking it. It is best to drink water that is slightly warmer than the temperature of your body. However, there are also health risks associated with drinking hot water in large quantities.

Optimal temperature for drinking hot water

The optimal temperature for drinking hot water depends on your personal situation. If you’re tired or bloated, drink cool water. Warm water will help your body recover from a heavy meal. Either way, you’ll want to stay hydrated. For many people, the optimal temperature is around 130 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are specific circumstances when drinking hot water may have a minor impact on your health.

Relief from discomfort

The effects of drinking hot water may be more beneficial than you might think. Various studies have demonstrated that drinking hot water for relief from discomfort can reduce stress levels and increase the flow of blood through the body. The effects on the digestive system are measurable, and drinking hot water can have a significant impact on these effects. A controlled study by Suchita Patel and colleagues at the Attikon University General Hospital in Greece found that drinking hot water for relief from discomfort improved gastric pH levels within 1 minute.

While medications take a longer time to work, drinking hot water can help relieve stress.

How Hot Should You Drink It
Health risks

Damage to oesophageal lining

It’s long been suspected that drinking hot liquids can damage the oesophageal lining. There are several theories about what causes the damage, including repeated exposure to high heat or specific components of the beverage. Although the evidence is mixed, it appears that drinking hot liquids is a risk factor for esophageal cancer. If true, drinking hot liquids may increase the risk of mouth cancer.

When you consider the news reports of people getting scalded from hot beverages, it’s easy to see why researchers decided to examine what temperature is ideal for maximum enjoyment. Lower temperatures may help suppress our desire for the beverage, but anything above 130°F might be too hot for pleasure. It’s important to listen to your body!

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