How Many Calories Are Burned Swimming?

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Are you trying to lose weight, or just stay in shape? If so, swimming could be a great low impact exercise for you. It doesn’t just have great physical health benefits, but also emotional and psychological benefits. I think swimming is great for maintaining mental health and reducing anxiety levels. But now I’m getting off topic!

If you’ve ever wondered how many calories you burn swimming, you’re not alone. The question is, how do you figure out how many calories you burn swimming? There are many variables, including weight, distance, speed, and stroke. Here are some common factors:

Is swimming better than running?
What are the disadvantages of swimming?


If you are thinking about starting a swim training regimen, one of the first questions you might have is, “How many calories are burned swimming?” A good half hour of swimming is a very effective cardio workout. It requires resistance to the muscles, but it is low-impact and much safer on the joints than running or jogging. Those who swim regularly know just how hard it can be. A swimming calculator can help you calculate the number of calories burned by various styles of swimming.


The calories you burn when swimming depend on several factors, including stroke, speed, distance, and duration. Generally, the more time you spend swimming, the more calories you’ll burn. Depending on your weight and gender, the calorie burn will be higher or lower. A 150- pound person will burn approximately 590 calories per hour swimming freestyle. For a 155-pound swimmer, the calorie burn will be 672 calories per hour. If you’re only swimming to enjoy the exercise, however, the breaststroke is the way to go. The two are roughly equal, and if you want to lose weight, swimming freestyle can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Is swimming better than running?
What are the disadvantages of swimming?


The amount of calories you burn while swimming varies widely. This is because the amount of time you swim, the strokes you use, and your weight all play a role. For example, a 150-pound swimmer can burn more than 950 calories an hour if they swim breaststroke for twenty seconds and butterfly for 60 seconds. On the other hand, a 130-pound swimmer can burn just two- hundred and eighty-four calories an hour if they swim butterfly for sixty seconds.


The first question that every swimmer has is, “How many calories are burned swimming?” The answer is dependent on the type of stroke you use, distance swam, and time. The more difficult and technical strokes burn more calories, such as the butterfly and backstroke. The breaststroke burns the least calories, but is still one of the best choices for cardiovascular health. For more information on the number of calories burned while swimming, read on.

What is swimmers body?
What are the disadvantages of swimming?


There are many variables involved in how many calories you burn swimming. The length of your workout, the distance you cover, and your strokes all affect how many calories you burn. Some fancy gadgets and calorie-counter calculators can help you estimate how many calories you

burn while swimming. However, most experts agree that these estimates are educated guesses. Swimming can help you burn calories in a variety of ways, so keep an eye out for the most effective exercises and swim strokes.

Speed affects calorie burn while swimming

It is a fact that your speed and intensity while swimming determine the amount of calories you’ll burn. Increase your speed and intensity by swimming at a higher speed. Increase your swimming distance, the more resistance you create in the water, and you’ll increase your calorie burn. In addition, you can use hand paddles or other swimming aids to increase your speed and burn more calories. But before you make a speedy decision, be sure to consider the type of swimsuit you wear.

How Many Calories Are Burned Swimming
How Many Calories Are Burned Swimming

Breaststroke burns more calories than other strokes

There are many different types of swimming strokes, and breaststroke is one of them. While all types of swimming burn calories, there are several factors that go into determining how many calories are burned when you swim breaststroke. The amount of energy your body uses during a swimming workout is measured in METs, a unit that scientists use to compare the relative work of different muscle groups. As you might imagine, breaststroke is much more efficient at burning calories than other swimming strokes.

Length of swim

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of swimming, but do you know how long it takes to burn calories? This exercise is extremely beneficial to the body, and there are different workouts for every level of fitness. Here are some of the most popular methods of burning calories while swimming. Depending on your level of fitness, you can use a swimming calculator to find out how many calories you can burn during a specific length of swim.

Speed of swim affects calorie burn while swimming

The number of calories you burn while swimming depends on several factors, including the length and speed of your workout. The faster you swim, the more calories you burn. For example, if you swim one length faster than another swimmer, you’ll burn 102 calories more in an hour than a slower swimmer. Moreover, the water temperature will affect the number of calories you burn while swimming. For weight loss, moderate water temperature is recommended.

HIIT workout affects calorie burn while swimming

If you’ve been wondering whether a HIIT workout will affect your calorie burn while swimming, then read on. There are a number of ways to maximize the fat-burning potential of your swimming workout. For starters, HIIT workouts use a combination of swimming and HIIT, which means that the latter will increase your calorie burn more efficiently. This type of workout also requires less endurance than HIIT, but it is still a good choice for those who want to make some serious progress in their fitness goals.

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