Ferrari Electric Car on the Road in 2025

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Ferrari’s first all-electric car could be a four-wheel-drive model with regenerative braking technology. Regardless of its size, the EV could be a super GT in the same class as its 812 Superfast sibling. Or it could be a fully electric Purosangue SUV. The automaker’s first hybrid is the SF90. The SF90 has no production limit.

Beneath the covers of the Fintech investment community a force is growing that will eventually turn Ferrari from a Carbon Frog into a Hypercar. If you were thinking this article was about marketing, Digital Strategy, product development etc then you’re perhaps only thinking (parts of) the picture. What I’m talking about around the Fintech water cooler is not the low hanging fruit but the technology that might just transform Ferrari like nothing else could.

Ferrari Electric Car on the Road in 2025
Ferrari Electric Car on the Road in 2025

Ferrari’s first electric car will be announced in 2025

Italian sports car maker Ferrari is reportedly working on its first battery-powered electric car. However, the company has not revealed details about the car’s technical specifications or name. Rather, Elkann has stated that the company will delay the announcement of its first battery- powered EV until the technology is more advanced. According to Elkann, a first-generation electric car could launch as early as 2025.

It will be a four-wheel-drive model

There are no details on the upcoming EV from Ferrari, but leaked patents have suggested it will be a two-seater four-wheel-drive vehicle with an electric motor on each wheel. Ferrari has been developing an EV for quite some time, but hasn’t revealed any specifics until electric car technology is more advanced. The company has not shared the exact details of the EV, but said the EV would be different in every dimension including engine power density, weight, and sound. In short, the EV will be a standout in every aspect – from a Ferrari’s design to the driving emotions it inspires.

It will have regenerative braking technology

Regenerative braking technology is a breakthrough in the world of electric vehicles. It is a form of braking that helps a vehicle regain energy and reduce its overall weight. This technology will be implemented in many new cars. It is currently only used in expensive models. It can save the owner 40% of their energy costs. A regenerative braking system is environmentally friendly and saves a large amount of energy. It is believed that the first regenerative brakes were developed in 1897 by a Frenchman, M.A. Darracq, and were first demonstrated at the Salon du cycle show.

It will be lightweight

A Ferrari electric car on the road in 2025 will likely be extremely lightweight and powerful. The patent shows a chassis and floorpan with space for two battery packs fixed on dedicated floor sections. One battery pack would be mounted at the rear of the car while the other would sit in a flat area below the passenger cell. The ultimate goal for this vehicle would be to be as lightweight as possible while meeting the essential requirements for safety and technical performance.

It will have a high power density

One reason for Ferrari to be an early leader in EVs is its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. The company already builds hybrid cars, but is working on all-electric models.

Even luxury car brands will be making electric cars in the near future, and Ferrari has made it a priority to be as green as possible. The transition from gasoline to all-electric vehicles has been a slow one for most automakers, but Ferrari has been accelerating this process and will debut its first all-electric model in 2025. Ferrari also plans to be carbon neutral by 2030, a goal that is achievable now.

It will be loud

While most automakers are making the move to a more greener fuel, the auto giant has decided to remain one step ahead of the competition and build an all-electric car. In a recent statement, Ferrari CEO John Elkann confirmed that his company plans to make an all-electric car in 2025. Elkann is a member of the Agnelli family, which controlled Fiat before the company merged with Chrysler. He will be overseeing the production of a plug-in hybrid. Elkann has also boosted the leadership team with external hires with backgrounds in technology. He will be joined by Ernesto Lasalandra, a former executive from semiconductor company STMicroelectronics.

It will be strong

In recent years, Ferrari has increased its lineup to nine models, producing hybrid and full electric engines. Despite the shift toward electrification, Ferrari stock has been flat over the past year, while the European auto index dropped 18 percent and the luxury index declined 13 percent.

Meanwhile, the shares of rival Aston Martin fell 70 percent over the same period. Moreover, Tesla shares outperformed Ferrari shares in the last year.

All of this sounds promising for the brand, and for the environment. Ferrari is one of the world’s most iconic brands, and it doesn’t want to miss out on the electric car revolution. And it may not. Competition will be fierce and pricing is important, but if anyone has the clout to get into this market and take on the giants like Tesla and Nissan, it’s Ferrari.

Ferrari Electric Car on the Road in 2025
It will be lightweight

It will be emotional

If Ferrari can develop an electric car, it will have more power than a standard battery-electric vehicle. They plan to expand their Maranello factory to add a third production line to develop the car. They hope to reach this target every two years. They also plan to use a hybrid powertrain. The idea is to provide customers with an electric vehicle that is as close to a Ferrari combustion car as possible.

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